{slider title="What do I do if I need to register my children for Secret Santa?" open="false"}

Please contact the Christmas Bureau at 304-414-4405. They can get you registered in the correct program.

{slider How are children chosen for the program?}

Families that have a need sign their children up at certifying agents in Kanawha and Boone County locations and then United Way insures that families are only being served by one organization based on which area the family resides.{slider Where are the children from that I will be helping?}

The children are all from Kanawha, Boone and Putnam County in West Virginia. Zip codes are used to divide the children up between the different agencies that provide help.

{slider Can I volunteer?}

We can always use volunteers. Please refer to the volunteer tab for more information.
{slider Is my donation tax-deductible?}

Secret Santa is a 501(3)(c) non-profit organization. 

{slider What percent of my donation goes towards helping children?}

Whether you make a donation to sponsor a child via PayPal or by mail, 100% of the donated money is used to purchase gifts for local children.

{slider How can I donate?}

You can mail a check to Secret Santa Foundation, P O Box 3982, Charleston, WV. 25339 or click here to make a PayPal donation

{slider How much does it cost to sponsor a child?}

Each gift should not cost more than $25.00 so purchasing all three gifts should be no more than $75.00 plus tax. 

{slider Is there a minimum to donate?}

There is no minimum but a donation $75.00 covers the Christmas list of one child. 

{slider What if I don’t want to shop?}

Secret Santa has volunteers that love to shop. You may either mail a check to P.O. Box 3982 Charleston, WV 25339 or make a donation via PayPal and we will do the shopping for you.

{slider Do I need to purchase the clothing and/or shoes that are listed?}

If you would like to purchase that would be fine but this is a toy program and it's important to purchase the toys listed. 

{slider Can I purchase clothing?}

Yes, clothing sizes are provided

{slider My work group would like to help. Can we sponsor a group of children together?}

Yes. We will try to give you large families so children in the same family are all sponsored by the same group.

{slider Can I get the child more than what they ask for?}

Yes, or you could sponsor more than one child since there are so many children in need.

{slider Do I have to purchase all three choices for the child?}

We ask that you purchase the three items requested by the child. However, if you cannot purchase all three, please let us know which items you are unable to purchase so we can ensure that the child receives those items.{slider  What if my child has siblings and I only sponsor one?}

We try to keep families together but sometimes we are not able to. In cases where one sponsor purchases more for one child than the other in the same family Secret Santa will make up the difference within reason.  

{slider  Can I help a specific child that I know is in the program?}

If at all possible.

{slider What do I do after I purchase the child’s gifts?}

You label each gift with the Child’s Name and Number.  The gifts do not need to be wrapped but must be labeled.   Place all the child’s gifts in one bag and label the outside of the bag with the Child’s Name, Number and the number of gifts contained in the bag.  Example:  outside of bag   Susie  B1234   3-Gifts

{slider Where do I drop off the gifts?}

You are assigned a drop off location when you sponsor your child.

{slider Is there a list of Drop off locations?}

  • South Charleston Fire Department – Station #1 315 4th Ave, South Charleston WV 25309 
  • Charleston Fire Department – Station # 1 300 Morris Street, Charleston WV (Lee & Morris Street)
  • Saint Albans Fire Department – 51 6th Ave, St. Albans WV
  • Dunbar Fire Department – 907 Dunbar Ave., Dunbar WV
  • Truist - Cross Lanes - 5560 Big Tyler Road, Cross Lanes WV
  • Truist – Hurricane – 352 State Route 34, Hurricane WV
  • City National Bank - Kanawha City – 3601 MacCorkle Ave., SE, Charleston WV
  • State Farm Insurance - Melinda Taylor – 101 Pennsylvania Ave N, Charleston WV

  • Ball Toyota - 1905 Patrick Street - Charleston, WV 24387

  • So. Charleston Fire Department - Station #4  10 Camp Way So. Chas. WV (behind Applebee’s on Corridor G)


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